Park Zuid


This residential project is integrated in the suburban context, on one hand by creating fragmented and small scale volumes, and on the other hand by using brick, the most prominent material in the neighborhood.


under construction




14.000 m²


Cogghe & co, Elements


Christophe Combes, Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Nathan Heindrichs, Dion Lobregt, Inês Lourenço, Johannes Müntinga, Bouchra Saadallah, Larissa van Aalst

The site is located in Wommelgem and connects Sint-Damiaanstraat, a street defined by low residential buildings which leads to the town’s center, and the unbuilt area of meadows and fields between Wommelgem and Antwerp.

The project comprises 15 row houses and 8 apartment blocks with 49 dwellings in total and an underground parking. Behind a social housing block that faces the main street, these new buildings are surrounded by a shared semi-public garden, ensuring a close relation with the green fields. The stepped shape of the buildings gives room to terraces and pergolas. Within the same language, detailing and materialization, the buildings provide a wide range of typologies, including one to three bedroom apartments and houses with double high living rooms, carports and big private gardens.

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