Turnova - Turnhout


Turnova is a vibrant new neighbourhood near the Grote Markt in the middle of Turnhout.


VRP Planningsprijs, shortlisted in the category 'afgerond planningstraject' - 2021

International Planning award Gilbert Van Schoonbeke - 2019

Publica Awards, bronze in the category 'city planning' - 2017


completed - 2020




51.420 m²


City of Turnhout & Heeren Group


Christophe Combes, Evert Crols, Ilse De Ridder, Mira De Winne, Dirk Engelen, Sebastian Erhardt, Bernard Forier, Marta Galiana, Sven Grooten, Pedro Guerra, Nathan Heindrichs, Nathalie Lambregts, Inês Lourenço, Johannes Müntinga, Thomas Pirenne, Valentin Piret, Margot Proesmans, Thomas Raskin, Steven Stessens, Arthur Stolk, Karin Theuns, Larissa van Aalst, Brecht Van Duppen, Nathan Van Esbroeck, Toon Van Mieghem, An Vanderhoydonck, Patrick Verhamme

In collaboration with

Lens°Ass architecten, OMGEVING landscape architecture, OSAR architects, WIT architecten


In the centre of Turnhout, right near the Grote Markt, lies the former Brepols site. This 4 ha terrain used to house the Brepols printing works. It is now a brand new city quarter: Turnova.

It holds 250 residences (single family houses, apartments, lofts and service flats) and about 40 shops, along with a new music academy, a four star hotel and an underground car park. Three squares each with their own atmosphere reinforce the heart of the town.

Together with the pubs, the restaurants and the terraces, Turnova gives the centre of Turnhout a new dimension. Each part of the zone had its own architects.

B-architecten designed the part de Schakel consisting of 30 apartments, the underground car park holding 480 places, a big commercial plinth course of about 11.000 m² and a 72 m high tower with apartments, offices, restaurants and pubs and a public roof terrace.

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