Hof van Mols


Creation of an urban design for the Valaarwijk site, located between the Hof van Mols forest road, L.Mortelmansstraat, E.Keurvelsstraat and Boomsesteenweg (A12) in Wilrijk (Antwerp). The area consists of fallow land in residential area.


1st prize


in design




1,5 ha


AG Vespa


Onur Can Zorlutana, Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Patrick Janssens, Beatriz PĂ©rez, Nick Van Garderen, Toon Vanhout

In collaboration with

Cluster landscape, Endeavour

Today, the vacant meadow has a limited use value. The ambition is to revalue this zone in a qualitative manner with a mainly residential programme of around 40 dwellings in harmony with the surrounding area. Moreover, we aim to mix different housing types and age groups.

The new residential project will be built around a green public space with routes for cyclists and pedestrians and space for meeting and play. In addition, a local service centre and some 60 service flats will be built for Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen.

Finally, the project provides offices with the possibility of practice areas, which will be realised in the most noise-sensitive zones in the area along the A12 motorway. They will thus act as an acoustic buffer, improving noise pollution on the site for both existing and new homes in the area.

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