't Goy


Master plan as part of residential development project 'Kerkzicht', 't Goy (municipality of Houten, province of Utrecht, NL).


in design




‘t Goy (Houten, province of Utrecht - NL)


foundation Mooi ’t Goy, municipality of Houten


Evert Crols, Dirk Engelen, Sven Grooten, Patrick Janssens, Beatriz Pérez, Nick van Garderen, Raquel Santos

In collaboration with


't Goy is a small village (one of the 'small cores') in the municipality of Houten, located in the province of Utrecht. It is a fruit farming village, known for its agricultural background and landscape.

Since 2016, resident group 'Mooi 't Goy' has been concerned with the future of their village and the liveability of the town centre. They are committed to greater village development. On the initiative of Mooi 't Goy, a participation process was launched to draft a town development vision (called 'Agenda for the Future'), assisted by the municipality of Houten.

In this bottom-up project, B-city is working together with the landscape architects and (landscape) heritage consultants of office MooiSticht (NL) to bring together the wishes of the public authorities and residents in a master plan for village expansion and village core development. After finalising this master plan, the municipality of Houten will use it as a basis for drafting a zoning plan for the further village expansion of 't Goy.

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