B-city guides complex urban projects and supervises their creation. Find out all about the new B-platform here.

We are beyond proud to tell you about the project on which we’ve been working very hard: B-city.

With B-city, we are adding a third platform to our existing divisions B-architecten and B-bis. Its aim is to guide complex urban projects and supervise their creation. Projects with a scale that have the ambition to create a new city district are at the centre of B-city’s mission.

These projects are distinguished by:

  • A long term (10 years or more)
  • Different and diverse actors
  • Major social and business interests
  • The need for an intensive participation and communication process

Based on the knowledge that every urban renewal is subject to a unique urban process and dynamic, B-city operates with an equally unique group of team partners: urban planners, architects, moderators, academics, mobility experts, landscape designers, lawyers, ...

B-city thinks process-oriented. An important role in our activities lies in expertise that frames complex urban development projects within a broader social context and in a common basis that reconciles the various private and public interests.

B-city works with cross-domain research. Each team member is open to particular spatial solutions, new (residential) typologies and ambiguous public (green) space. Through a substantiated knowledge of the place’s history, the typical buildings that are already there and current trends in urban renewal, we connect the large scale with the small one. With B-city, we believe that design expertise should not be limited to one's own field. That’s why we critically question and challenge each other within a modus operandi of regular workshops with the aim of eventually complementing each other.

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