Report 'Good Living' finalised and approved: these are the new urban planning regulations for Brussels

During the last six months, Sven Grooten of B-architecten and B-city was one of the twelve experts who guided the ‘Good Living’ expert commission in the extensive reform of Brussels' urban planning regulations.

Sven and the other committee members Oana Bogdan, Benoît Moritz, Jens Aerts, Anne Ledroit, Hélène Rillaerts, Luc Eeckhout, Thierry Baneton, Pierre-Alain Franck, Kristiaan Borret, Vanessa Mosquera and Katelijne Franssens worked on an ambitious and future-proof report that has been approved by the Brussels Government and is therefore final today.

Read the full report here, in Dutch or in French.

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